Fundraising for running your own business

Having your own business idea and making a decision about starting your own business appear a question- how to get money for it. Many prospective and existing entrepreneurs in response to such question go to the bank for loan. Whereas banks offer a variety of products of this type designed specifically for business, it is worth mentioning there:


  • revolving loan

  • credit line

  • overdraft for companies

  • car loan

  • mortgage

  • leasing

  • factoring


As you can see, the range of products offered by banks is really wide and the banks are still present new opportunities which are a hybrid of the above possibilities.


Each bank presents a vision of obtaining credit for companies, as child's play, which is available for everyone. However, at the moment of accession to the process of obtaining a loan they begin to pile up difficulties, because banks require many different statements, which generally takes some time. Among the documents, which can manage the bank when applying for a loan should be mentioned first of all:


  • business plan

  • certificate of non- payments to the Tax Office and Social Insurance Company (ZUS)

  • Statement of property owners

  • credit history

  • valuation of real estate and land

  • National Court Register of company

  • annual accounts of the company for the past 3- 5 years



These are only some of the documents that may be needed when submitting a loan application, because a lot depends on the type of application, the amount of the loan and the type of business.

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