Running your own business

Running your own business involves a number of obligations that the company must complete and the need to settle financial and legal matters relating to the daily operations of the company, here is a brief guide to the most common problems that arise during the operation of the company.


Responsibilities of statistical reports for Central Statistical Office

Each company has duties to the receipt of Central Statistical Office specific statistical reports, some of which are imposed by statute on conducting business activity, others are the result of the draw, which carries Central Statistical Office and picking a particular company. This is what a report should be submitted to Central Statistical Office depends on the industry in which the company operates and the number of workers employed by it. For not fulfilling this obligation there is the penalty of a fine.


BHP Training

Training in Health and Safety at work should take each employee who starts work in the new company. Such employee should not be allowed to hold a job without such training. In addition, each company should periodically carry out safety training, how often they should take place depends on the industry in which the company operates. For not having proof of current health and safety training is the penalty of a fine.


Registration obligation


For tax purposes each businessman is obliged to keep records of fixed assets, revenue records, employee records, tax revenue and expense ledger (or tax card or accounts) and records of equipment.

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