In fact, it is difficult to imagine businesses without access to the internet, which serves as a working tool and a source of important information. It happens that no internet paralyzed for a time the operation of the entire company. It is therefore necessary to provide adequate access to the network to this type of downtime did not occur in the company.


There are many opportunities to link Internet connection to the company, it can be routed classic cable Internet, fiber optic, cable, telephone or television and by radio router. Each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages, and the specific one should be adapted to the needs of the company.


The issue of connecting the entire company to the Internet is one aspect, but another issue is the construction of the Internet network inside the company. The question arises whether each computer should has separate cable Internet, separate IP, etc. Companies often reach for a solution that involves bringing the wired Internet is building where company is placed and then split the signal between the individual computers using the wireless router.



An interesting solution, often practiced in companies is also building internal networks, which are connected to network of computers, this is not true access to the Internet, but it allows you to share disk so that one person puts on the files and the other can immediately download it. Such a solution can greatly improve workflow in company and reduces the time required for every task.  

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