Computer software useful in business

Today, there is substantially no company that does not would use computers in their work, that is why we have got an increasing number of new programs that are designed to make it easier to do business. Naturally, one of the most important and basic thing in work is corporate computers where the operating system is a choice of three: Linux, Windows and Mac OS.


Another programs that must appear on a computer disks of every company are such programs as Microsoft Office and Open Office. Both provide the ability to spreadsheets, word processing, presentation editors, databases and simple drawings.


More advanced and also very useful for many companies will be CRM software, which is a system for managing customer contacts. It allows you to create contacts, making notes about them and planning the next contact and exchange of information between traders. Many CRM also allows creating invoices and monitoring payments.


Very useful and needed are programs such as accounting tools. Depending on the needs of the market are simple programs to support the simplified accounting and more advanced.


Programs for archiving and work flow- these are programs that allow you to digitize, store and transfer documents between employees, messages and contacts.



ERP software- these are the most advanced computer software intended for companies. In this systems we can find all of the above- mentioned functions and also they provide support for warehouses, production halls, logistics or service.

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