First steps in business

Anyone who would like to try their hand at business should first of all find a good idea, this is basically the key to success in any industry, which at the outset may give an advantage over the competition. With its own idea should proceed to more formal action.


  1. Before you open your own business you should prepare a business plan. This document will be necessary and you might need it in applying for a loan or EU grants. But its role is wider, mainly to determine whether a company that we want to open is a profitable idea.

  2. Select the legal form for your business- Polish law allows many forms of legal business, generally can be divided into companies with legal personality and without it.


To activities with no legal status belong:

  • one-man business

  • partnership


For companies with legal personality belong:

  • general partnership

  • a partnership company

  • limited partnership

  • joint-stock company

  • a limited liability company



  1. Registration at the appropriate office- depending on the selected activity becomes necessary registration in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity or in the National Court Register. After the company's registration in the National Court receives automatically assigned VAT Identification Number and National Business Registry Number.

  2. In spite of obtaining VAT Identification Number and throughout the region for the newly formed company duty to report complementary data, which is the predominant type of business office, storage place accounting records, bank account numbers and the date the obligation to pay contributions.

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